Drive For Soko A Premium Expediting Company


We are still running heavy and strong and gearing up for the busy expedited season. Typical September and October are the busiest months for us. We have hired additional dispatchers and staff to support us during this time and now looking for owner operator sprinter cargo van drivers.

These owner operators can drive anywhere from 100 to 1000 plus miles. We don't force dispatch and want to create and establish a great team. We are transparent with our drivers and offer great services. We pay based of the dates when you picked up not delivered. So whatever loads you pick up Monday to Sunday get paid that coming Friday.

Our Drivers Average dollar per mile rate is above $1.30

We have been in the expedited business for 7 plus years and know every location and every broker. We know exactly where to send drivers and know exactly what rates are going for. There has been a huge influx of drivers in this business that has affected veteran drivers and the supply and demand. Load boards can be difficult and we only suggest using 1-2 other companies to keep the artificial supply and demand low.

Rest assured we are still able to keep our tier 1 drivers busy amongst all the competition. Our average dollar per mile rate is above $1.30 / Mile. However in certain areas some shipments are as low as 70 cents a mile and in some places depending on the miles and the weight loads can be paid at $4 / mile. The expedited load board helps but our relationships with brokers and customers is what allows us to maintain premium rates for all of our sprinter van drivers.

Soko Express is a premium carrier.
We offer brokers and drivers fair and above market rates. We believe in working with our drivers that's why we discus gross rates and only gross rates so you know exactly how much the runs are worth. Other companies who don't take a dispatch fee are profiting hundreds of dollars behind your back. We don't like that business model so that is why we use a dispatch fee. 

You know all the rates upfront and know exactly how much we are making. We believe this is a true team business model. The more you make the more we can make and therefore grow together as a team. That is why we bid and offer premium rates.

Promoting good drivers.

Our dispatch fee is 17% and that keeps bad drivers away. We reward good and loyal drivers and after 3 months we lower our rate to 15% which is industry average. After 1 year of doing business with us we can drop the rate to 13% and that is an industry low! Yes that's correct we reward good and loyal owner operators and fleet owners.

Fleet owners with 2 vans will automatically start at 15% and 3 plus vans will be at 13%. Out of our dispatch fee 3% ensures you get paid every Friday. The other goes to providing you great service 24/7.

Stop searching Google for expedited loads near me and come drive for Soko. We are experts in sprinter van cargo van shipments and can handle it all for you!

Soko Express

401 East Louther Street, Carlisle, Pennsylvania 17013, United States

(833) 367-7656