Premium Expedited Top Paying Sprinter Cargo Van Jobs 

At Soko Express, our experience in the expedited transportation industry is why our customers and brokers prefer us for their sprinter cargo van expediting services.  Since our dispatchers work extended hours we are able to provide complimentary support 24/7 at no additional cost. We offer weekly pay with rate confirmations and paystubs emailed directly to you. You have a record of your expedited jobs. 

We believe in being fully transparent that's why we share our prices online on our website. Every rate discussed is gross per load!  Loads discussed will not include our dispatch fee. On payday is when we apply our dispatch fee on top of the gross. 

The premium 17% dispatch fee is applied to the first 10 probationary loads. You keep 83% of gross rates.

After 10 loads we reward tracking, communicating and being professional by lowering the dispatch fee to 15%. You keep 85% hauling for one of the best and most respected Expedited companies in the market.

After 6 months we reward loyalty by lowering our dispatch fee to 13% (industry low) and increasing your percentage to 87%.  

Fleet owners who have 2 vehicles with Soko start at 85% and those who have 3 or more vehicles start with 87%.

Meet Our Awesome Drivers Doing What They Do Best

No matter where the job might take, our support team will help you get there safely.  Driver Safety is #1.

This is a very difficult job. You spend days and weeks away from loved ones. So make sure to find some time to explore this beautiful country. 

Life on the road can get lonely why not bring a pet?  PS. We love puppy pics :)

You might experience some wait time with this job so use your time wisely to rest and relax. Our drivers prefer Libraries, Gyms, Malls, or Casinos over truck stops.  


Driver / Vehicle Requirements

-Easygoing Personality

-Great Communication


-Good Driving Record

-Ability to use Mobile Applications 

-Owner Operators

-Sprinter / Cargo Vans 2014 or Newer (Aim Under $50,000 if new & under $25,000 if used) 

-Cargo bay has  to be at least 120"  long  60" tall at the rear door height clearance . 

-We prefer 144"  to 170" sprinters.

Local (Certain Cities) or Over The Road (Home On Weekends)

We do not force dispatch!

Insurance Requirements

-1 Million in Liability Insurance

-100,000 in Cargo Insurance 

-Add our company and address as a certificate holder and additional insured


401 East Louther St

Suite 111

Carlisle, PA 17013

*Remember every insurance company will charge different prices for commercial or trucking policies even if its the same company at 2 different locations. 

(Aim for $400-800 per month)

Pay Information

-We pay every Friday!

-Local drivers gross anywhere from $550-$1,800 a week. 

-Over the Road Owner Operators gross $1,700 to $3,500. 

All prices are Gross and do not include Soko's dispatch fee or any other driver / vehicle expenses.

We pay per load and do not pay empty miles, but will try our best to incorporate any empty miles into the rate. 

Pay is per load / jobs anywhere from $200-$300 for 100 miles, $300-$350 for 200 miles, Anything over 300 miles we try to get you at least a dollar per mile. Over 500 miles is 70 cents to $1.10 per mile.


"As a driver for Soko Express I get to travel in all parts of America where I've never been too. Its a great way to travel and see the country. #1 cargo van company because I get to come home for the weekends!"

[Tyson S. - Driver]

"We had an awesome experience with Soko Express! They have great communication, and able to provide support 24/7. All their dispatchers are super friendly, and easy to work with! We are definitely trusting you guys to deliver our customers freight."

[Muhamed M. - Broker]

"Being a dispatcher at Soko can be stressful, yet rewarding experience. The reward being proportional to our individual and team efforts.

Each member of the team looks out for each other, creating a sense of camaraderie in the most unlikely situations."

[Donnie Z. -Dispatcher]

Soko Express

401 East Louther Street, Carlisle, Pennsylvania 17013, United States

(833) 367-7656